The best of several worlds!

Living in Gualala, CA on the beautiful Mendonoma coast is a daily feast for the senses.

Visiting Sitka, Alaska each summer for the Chamber Music Festival makes it all the better. Sitka is the most beautiful place in Alaska and the festival is wonderful. I thoroughly love Sitka as a second home.

My family lives in Madison, Wisconsin – another fantastic center of natural beauty, culture, and good living – except for the brutal cold of winter, the sweltering heat and humidity of mid-summer, and the omnipresent state bird, the common mosquito.

Ah, life is good!

Sitka, Alaska

Sitka is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s so visceral to awake to the cries of eagles each morning and to retire in the evening with that being the last sounds of the day. Brown bear are almost as plentiful as registered voters, and the beauty of nature, marine life, and beckoning forest trails is irresistible.

History is everywhere you turn, and it’s very possible to walk almost everywhere. Who needs a car? The Native Alaskan Brotherhood runs three bus lines during the work week. Seniors ride for $1 or can buy a day pass for $2.

I never tire of watching the ballet of clouds and even fog banks moving among, through, above, and in-between the snow-capped peaks. The trail system is among the best in the world. The National Historical Park is almost a place one could live.

And, don’t forget to have a cold glass of wheat beer (or other flavors) from the Baranoff Island Brewing Company.

At Home with My Puppies

Yep, I’m a total sap for most any kind of furry pet, especially Yorkies, although I’ve also had a Maltese and a basset hound. When there is a dog on my lap I’m basically paralyzed. I don’t move for fear of disturbing them.